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Name:Felix Antol • Original Character
Birthdate:Mar 21


It's the future, and humanity has learned to pick up and move outward, into the distant unknown, long before the beginning of this little story; centuries and centuries ago, astronauts perfected their shuttles, took people from a depleted Earth and carried on with their lives among the more appropriate planets. It wasn't easy pickings, that's for damn sure; the planet Felix's descendants ended up on was smaller than Earth, and far more earth than water, but it was something. One of the most unfortunate problems was... well. A major loss in information and technology. The ship had been all but destroyed (allegedly) after the safety pods launched, and what remained of Earth's past had been left to be told orally, or with what little property survived the fall, among everyone's personal belongings in their sleeping pods.

Not long into the fall, the Orderlies took over. Or at least, that's what the kiddos call 'em. If you want to get technical, they're the Refounding Fathers. Yeah, lame and stupidly American-centric namesake, but you know how it is. They were lead operators of the SS King Kong's departure from Earth, old as dirt and with all the smugness of a petty scientist gone half-loony from being in space for so long. Generations passed, those smug old men died, and life carried on. People integrated, kept as much of their cultures and memories alive as possible. Little things became heirlooms. Felix's dad owned an 8-track player passed down the line; apparently, his great-great-great-great-whatever really loved the 70's, you know. Sometimes Felix'd pop it on after a long day working on his uncle's farm. The Beatles are pretty cool.

Technology got set back, but it still continued on. It wasn't like they didn't have the capacity to do it all over again, albeit slower. Electricity got back running, and cities — real cities — cropped up. Centuries later, and there was a little corruption in the ranks. Refounding Fathers, they're not so nice about the whole 'democracy' thing. In fact, they snatch that right up. Rules start forming. And then more rules. And then more. Curfews, surveillance, illegal confinement. Severe penalties for littering, cars made illegal, technology severely limited in households (strict, very strict).

So it stands to reason some secret communities cropped up. So on, so forth.

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